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Thoma Kikis

Founder / Chief Communications Officer, Board Director

Thoma Kikis is an entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in the design, media and entertainment industries. In 2010, Mr. Kikis co-founded Kannalife Sciences, Inc. and has been integral to the company’s growth and success, working closely with the CEO to shape its team building, branding and communications outreach strategies for more than a decade.

His diverse skill set spans messaging, publicity, communications, and design across all of the company’s brands and subsidiaries. Mr. Kikis’ adeptness at securing earned media has led to the company’s recognition in esteemed outlets such as CNN, VICE, Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Business, Fox News, Sports Illustrated, TIME Magazine, GOOD and featured on NBC’s DATELINE.

Mr. Kikis has demonstrated his versatility by designing numerous commercial typographical software licensed for web, print and mobile applications and has produced several films and documentaries available on movie streaming platforms. Before co-founding Kannalife, his involvement in film production has left a mark, with notable projects including the critically acclaimed Darkon, a documentary exploring real-life role-play akin to a live-action game of Dungeons and Dragons, most recently optioned by Disney and the award-winning feature Alps, co-produced with Oscar®-nominated director Yorgos Lanthimos.

Mr. Kikis professional journey includes collaborations with prominent entities such as Viacom, MTV, Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Teachers College at Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Hermès, among others.

Driven by personal experiences—namely, witnessing his father’s struggle with Hepatic Encephalopathy and the tragic loss of his cousin, Dr. Steven Kazianis PhD, to Brain Cancer— Mr. Kikis has dedicated himself to finding treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. This pursuit serves as his life’s mission, fueled by a desire to combat ailments affecting the brain.

Mr. Kikis hold a Bachelor of Science in Communications Management from New York University.