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Jason Clement, PhD

Scientific Advisory Board

In completing his Ph.D. in natural products chemistry with David Kingston at Virginia Tech in December 2005, he isolated and characterized antitumor compounds from plant and marine sources. Following that, Jason Clement joined the Molecular Targets Laboratory at NCI-Frederick as a postdoctoral research fellow in January 2006. At NCI, he isolated compounds from plant and marine sources with activities in mechanism-based bioassays relevant to cancer.

In 2007, he joined the Department of Chemistry and Physics at Western Carolina University as an assistant professor where he supervised 13 undergraduates and 3 master’s students over 12 semesters in natural products chemistry research.

Jason joined the NPDI in July 2013, and is primarily involved in the characterization of natural products of interest derived from the large NPDI extract collection. Additionally, he continues his research in medicinal plants native to the eastern United States.